Does Your Dog Keep Unleashing Their Wild Side?

Does Your Dog Keep Unleashing Their Wild Side?

Consult our dog obedience training expert in Grand Junction, CO

Training your dog is often easier said than done. Thankfully, you don't have to go it alone. Based in Grand Junction, CO, RUFF Around The Edges offers professional dog obedience training services.

We provide basic training, so your dog will learn to sit and lie down on command, and specialized training to address behavioral issues. We even offer agility training. Get a free consultation for our dog or puppy training services today. Prices will vary based on your pup's behavior and size.

Going further than "sit" and "stay"

No two dogs are alike. If your pup is misbehaving, our dog obedience training expert will look at key areas in their life to see if we can find an underlying reason. The five areas we look at are your dogs:

1. Health
2. Purpose
3. Socialization
4. Bond with the family
5. Breed-specific exercise requirements

Want to make sure your furry friend is living their best life? Sign up for our dog and puppy training services today.