Make Your Dog's Day Pawsome

Make Your Dog's Day Pawsome

Bring them to doggy day care in Grand Junction, CO

If your dog is left alone for hours every day, they may become bored or anxious. Not only does this make your dog's day more stressful, but it can also lead to destructive behaviors. RUFF Around The Edges is a doggy day care based in Grand Junction, CO that will take good care of your furry friend while you're at work.

We always have a trained professional watching your pup and a monitor in the front lobby, so you can see your dog if you stop in. Schedule a tour of our dog day care center today.

Top benefits of doggy day care

Doggy day care does more than keep your pooch out of trouble. When you sign your dog up, they'll:

  • Socialize with other dogs
  • Get the proper amount of exercise
  • Establish a routine, which helps to reduce stress

Of course, your dog will also be safer with a team of trained professionals to watch them. Get in touch with us right away to learn more about our dog day care center.